Up Not Down Syndrome

Up, Not Down Syndrome: Uplifting Lessons Learned From Raising a Son With Trisomy 21

Imprint: Modern History Press
Author: Nancy M. Schwartz
ISBN-13: PB 978-1-61599-462-5 / HC 978-1-61599-463-2 /
eBook 978-1-61599-464-9
List Price: PB $ 21.95 / HC $ 32.95 / eBook $ 6.95
Trim: 6.14 x 9.21 (122 pp)
Audience: General Adult
Pub Date: 04/01/2020
BISAC: Family & Relationships/Children With Special Needs
  Education/Special Education/Mental Disabilities
  Biography & Autobiography/Personal Memoirs

Synopsis: Up, Not Down Syndrome is a love letter and a map. Experience how it feels to think your life is over after having an unlovable baby. At first the loss seems impossible to overcome. Alex becomes the author’s greatest teacher. Love is stronger than fear. Everyone has gifts. The book consists of three parts: the story, the lessons Alex taught the writer and Alex’s perspective. Up, Not Down Syndrome is a promise to stay positive, no matter what: up, not down. Nancy’s journey gets to the core of what it is to be human:

  • Explore what it feels like to think life, as you know it, is over.
  • Discover the fierce love, joy and peace a baby diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) brings.
  • Learn the lessons this child taught his mom.
  • Understand the gift this baby brings to our world.
  • Realize the depth of the love this family has for the child.

“A beautiful, honest account of not just accepting–but embracing–the unknown. Nancy shows us the blessing of an unexpected gift and the enormity of love.” –Sara Byala, Ph.D.

“This is a wonderful book to remind you that the joy of love is possible in unexpected places when you open your heart to it.” –Barbara Taylor Bowman, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development

“A moving and wise story of how a family navigates through hope, loss, learning and, most of all, love.”  –Rabbi David Wolpe, author of David: The Divided Heart

“The truth and beauty of Nancy Schwartz’s words tell an ongoing story of love, learning and the power of acceptance. All can learn from this family’s boundless hope and from their source of joy and strength: Alex.”  –April Beard, Music Educator and Cellist

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