Nancy M. Schwartz Book Reviews Up, Not Down Syndrome featured in the Korean Philadelphia Times

Up, Not Down Syndrome featured in the Korean Philadelphia Times

We are proud to announced that Up, Not Down Syndrome by Nancy M. Schwartz is featured in the September 25th, 2020  issue of the Korean Philadelphia Times!

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION] Nancy Schwartz, ‘Up, Not Down Syndrome’ published!

“I want to let the world know, how precious this child is to us.”

March 8th, Nancy Schwartz published Up, Not Down Syndrome with love for her son Alex, who had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Up, Not Down Syndrome first allows readers to experience the devastation of a mother after giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome. An overwhelming emotion for any, but Nany gradually becomes the greatest teacher through Alex. It was with the realization, that even those out of the ordinary are born with their own gifts, her true lesson on love started. With the message that love is stronger than fear, her book draws an honest depiction of her and Alex’s journey, who refuse to lose their positiveness through thick and thin.

For Nancy, there are two phrases that helped her greet Alex. The first was the prayer of tranquility, and the second was the words of a friend with a son diagnosed with Down syndrome as well, who had told her shortly after labor; “people will respond to him the way you respond to him.” Nancy says her words remain in a deep part of her heart to this day.

Nancy has taught as an ESL teacher, reading expert, and elementary school teacher for 26 years. In desperate times while worries occupied her thoughts of how people will see Alex and why such things happen to her, she was able to prepare to greet the child with help from her neighbors and ceaseless self-guidance.

During her trying times, she received a lot of help from the mothers of Korean students she taught. Korea has become a special place to her as she got help with postpartum recovery from the mothers and learned Korean. Even now, she greets and communicates with Koreans in simple Korean whenever possible. As her wish to publish her book in Korea as well, her book is now available for purchase on the Korea Kyobo Bookstore website.

Alex’s positive and bright personality resembling his mother is a gift in itself. Just as Alex’s laughter and the sound of his cello cheer up the family struggling during the coronavirus, readers can seek healing in Up, Not Down Syndrome. Her book, a testament of sincere and positive strength, is available for purchase on Amazon.


Photo Captions

NANCY 1 – Nancy holding Alex after labor.

NANCY 2 – The Schwartz brothers. (from the left, Sam, Alex, Josh) Alex, as the youngest, gets all the attention from his family.


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