Nancy M. Schwartz Book Reviews Cyrus Webb reviews Up, Not Down Syndrome

Cyrus Webb reviews Up, Not Down Syndrome

So much in this book to comment on, but I would first say that I’m glad that Nancy M. Schwartz decided to share her family’s story. UP, NOT DOWN SYNDROME reminds us that all lives matter and that all of us want to be included. That is what Nancy herself shares about her life and growing up, and that is what she’s sharing about her son.

Love that we’re able to take the journey with us, high and lows, and see how every decision made tells us something about where her priorities were and how much she valued her family. The book also shows that even with the world’s divisions being deep and wide, we can come together and support one another when challenges arise.

A deeply personal story that will resonate with the reader, regardless of their personal circumstances. This book is a reminder of the importance of everyone’s life and experiences.

Cyrus Webb is host of Conversations Live! national radio show.  You can follow his reviews here

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