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‘Language of The Soul’ podcast with Nancy M. Schwartz

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Get ready for an incredibly inspiring episode on Language of The Soul!

🎙️ Announcement: Get ready for an incredibly inspiring episode on Language of The Soul! Join host Dominick Domingo in the Season 2023 Episode 2 release titled “Transforming Perspectives: A Mother’s Journey with Trisomy 21,” featuring the remarkable Nancy M. Schwartz. Set to launch on December 1st, 2023, this episode delves into Nancy’s journey as she shares her experiences raising cellist Alex, her son diagnosed with Trisomy 21. Conventional education presented challenges, but Nancy’s resilience transformed her perspective on inclusivity, education, and the profound impact of narratives. Her insights challenge societal norms, urging us to recognize the overlooked abilities of those with disabilities while rethinking our approach to education and mental health, particularly amid the pandemic.

This conversation isn’t solely about challenges but celebrates the joy of music, the significance of sharing untold stories, and breaking free from performative behaviors. Nancy offers a glimpse into Alex’s musical journey with his cello through her book ‘Up Not Down Syndrome.’ From exploring the power of storytelling to discussing the difference between propaganda and redemptive content, this episode emphasizes the impact of words and actions. Nancy’s wisdom and courage shine through her journey, offering a new perspective on life’s extraordinary facets.

Guest Bio: Nancy M. Schwartz, a teacher with twenty-six years of experience in Pennsylvania, holds certifications in ESL, reading, elementary, and early education. Her educational journey spans institutions like Temple University, Saint Joseph’s University, and the Teachers College Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Project. Beyond her professional pursuits, Nancy’s zest for life is reflected in her love for ballet, reading, writing, art, fashion, animals, music, and most significantly, motherhood.

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