Nancy M. Schwartz Book Reviews,Events Our New Book! ‘The Main Line Mutt’ by Nancy M. Schwartz & Michael S. Schwartz

Our New Book! ‘The Main Line Mutt’ by Nancy M. Schwartz & Michael S. Schwartz

I am incredibly excited to share my new children’s book ‘The Main Line Mutt’ written with my husband Michael Schwartz.

Published January 4th, 2024.

The Main Line Mutt is a Heartwarming Tale of a Mixed Breed Dog Named Maggie

About the Authors

Nancy M. Schwartz loves to take her dog, Calder, on long walks where they can meet other dogs. She loves working out with her friends and spending time with her family. When Nancy is not teaching her students English, she loves to write books. This is her third book. Nancy has been an extra in two movies, Hustle, and ElemenTory. In honor of Maggie and dogs everywhere, please do a kind act today. Share it with the authors, Nancy M. Schwartz and Michael S. Schwartz, on the website They love hearing about how Maggie, and dogs everywhere, make the world a better place

Michael S. Schwartz loves to take his dog, Calder, to the dog park where Calder can sniff and play with other dogs. When Michael is not working as an IT professional, he loves creating whimsical sculptures and cooking for his family. This is Michael’s first book.


“When Maggie moves to a new upscale neighborhood, she encounters the snobbishness of the purebred dogs, who all look down on her because she is a mutt. Maggie attends a big dog show but can’t enter as a contestant because she isn’t purebred. Through her warmth and charm, she manages to win the hearts of the judges, and a blue ribbon for ‘best of all breeds.’ Afterward, all the other dogs become much friendlier. The colorful illustrations capture the feeling of the text, with attention to the expressions of the dogs and people. A touching story about what really matters in life.” — Douglas Florian, author/illustrator of Poetries

The Main Line Mutt is a delightful story with a heartwarming message. Children will enjoy the storyline and the illustrations and adults will enjoy the humor and the lesson of the story. Talented writers, Nancy and Michael Schwartz bring their love of dogs, combined with their compassion, to create an inspiring tale.” — Susie Garber, writer and literacy coach, grades 1-12

The Main Line Mutt is a wonderful story about accepting differences. Learning to be confident in oneself and kind to others are qualities that should be nurtured in this increasingly complex world. This book presents a wonderful opportunity to share just how special it is to be loved and appreciated for all one is and all that one can become.” — Liz Mennig, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction (retired)

“What a wonderful book! I love how it celebrates Maggie’s uniqueness! It’s important to remember that being different is OK and to respect oneself, as well as others. Self-confidence comes from self-love and feelings of worth and value. ” — Noriko Lovasz, B.A., M.S.M., receptionist at Great Valley Pet Hotel

The Main Line Mutt will be enjoyed by both animal lovers and those who do not have pets. The book provides an opportunity for young children to think about friendships, rejection and the effects of moving from their home. It is an excellent jumping-off point for discussion about these topics.” — Dr. Elizabeth Girshick, Licensed Psychologist

From Loving Healing Press

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